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descriptionElusys receives second delivery order from U.S. government for Anthim®, its treatment for Inhalation Anthrax
April 23, 2018
descriptionElusys delivers first shipment of ANTHIM®, its treatment for Inhalational Anthrax, to U.S. Government Strategic National Stockpile
October 10, 2017
descriptionElusys Receives $16.35 Million for Delivery of ANTHIM® to U.S. Government
January 24, 2017
descriptionElusys Therapeutics Announces Publication of Data Establishing the Adult Human Dose for its Inhalational Anthrax Antitoxin ANTHIM® (Obiltoxaximab) Injection
December 20, 2016
descriptionElusys Therapeutics Announces Publication of Results from Five Clinical Trials with its Inhalational Anthrax Antitoxin ANTHIM® (Obiltoxaximab) Injection
September 14, 2016
descriptionElusys Therapeutics Announces that Manuscripts for its Anthrax Antitoxin, ANTHIM® (Obiltoxaximab) Injection, have been Accepted for Publication
July 20, 2016
descriptionElusys Therapeutics Receives FDA Approval for ANTHIM® (Obiltoxaximab) Injection for the Treatment and Prophylaxis of Inhalational Anthrax
March 21, 2016
descriptionElusys Therapeutics Receives First Delivery Order from U.S. Government for ANTHIM® (Obiltoxaximab) for Treatment of Inhalational Anthrax
November 12, 2015
descriptionElusys Awarded Additional $16 Million Under Existing U.S. Government Contract to Complete Development of Lyophilized Form of ANTHIM® (Obiltoxaximab) for Treatment of Inhalational Anthrax
October 6, 2015
descriptionU.S. Food and Drug Administration Accepts Biologics License Application for ANTHIM (Obiltoxaximab)
June 1, 2015
descriptionElusys Reports Efficacy of its Anthrax Anti-Toxin In Post-Exposure Prophylaxis In Animal Studies
February 12, 2015
descriptionElusys Announces Results From Three Phase 3 Safety Studies Of Its Anthrax Anti-Toxin, Obiltoxaximab (ETI-204), In Adult Volunteers And Completion Of Its Phase 3 Clinical Development Program
September 22, 2014
descriptionElusys Completes Commercial Manufacturing Process Validation for Anthrax Antitoxin ETI-204
April 8, 2014
descriptionElusys Receives Notice of Allowance from U.S. Patent Office for Methods of Preventing or Treating Anthrax with ETI-204, an Anti-Anthrax Antibody, via Intramuscular Injection
March 10, 2014
descriptionElusys Completes Enrollment In Three Phase 3 Safety Studies Of Its Anthrax Anti-toxin, ETI-204, In Adult Volunteers
February 5, 2014
descriptionElusys Reports Its Anti-toxin Achieved 100% Survival Rate Following Anthrax Challenge In Pre-treatment Animal Study
January 30, 2014
descriptionElusys Therapeutics presents efficacy results and other key findings on ETI-204 Anthrax anti-toxin
September 5, 2013
descriptionMedia advisory-Elusys Therapeutics to present results on ETI-204 Anthrax anti-toxin
August 13, 2013
descriptionElusys releases new data on Anthrax anti-toxin administered via intramuscular injection from three recent animal studies
July 31, 2013
descriptionAlliance for biosecurity elects Chief Executive Officers of Bavarian Nordic and Elusys Therapeutics as new co-chairs
July 1, 2013
descriptionElusys awarded additional $14.5 million under existing U.S. government contracts supporting expanded human safety studies of ETI-204 for treatment of inhalational anthrax
September 13, 2012
descriptionElusys picks up $50.2M BARDA funds to advance anthrax antitoxin
August 3, 2012
descriptionElusys awarded additional $50.2 million under an existing U.S. government contract to support final stages of development of ETI-204, for treatment of inhalational Anthrax
August 1, 2012
descriptionElusys initiates third clinical safety study of Anthim, a new anthrax treatment; company successfully completes manufacturing at commercial scale
October 24, 2011
descriptionElusys awarded $68 million contract to develop Anthim for intramuscular pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis of anthrax infection
September 8, 2011
descriptionRegulatory Affairs Executive, Greg Torre, PhD, Esq, Joins Elusys Therapeutics Management Team
January 11, 2011
descriptionElusys Awarded Additional $40.6 Million Under Exisiting US Government Contract To Fund Advanced Development Of Anthim, A New Treatment For Anthrax
August 4, 2010
descriptionElusys Therapeutics and Lonza Extend Manufacturing Agreement For Anthim, a New Anthrax Treatment In Late-Stage Development
July 15, 2010
descriptionElusys Receives Contract for up to $143 Million from the US Federal Government to Fund Advanced Development of Anthim®, a New Treatment for Anthrax
January 4, 2010
descriptionElusys Presents Data from Anthim® Anthrax Anti-toxin Studies at the HHS Stakeholders Workshop 2009 & BARDA Industry Day
December 7, 2009
descriptionElusys Therapeutics and Lonza Enter Into Manufacturing Agreement
June 16, 2009
descriptionElusys’ Anthim™ Dramatically Improves Survival of Animals Treated After Active Anthrax Infection
April 22, 2008